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Frequently Asked Questions on Our Spring Water Services Providing Bottled Water to the Mid-Ohio Valley

Crystal Spring Water, Offers Answers to Services Questions

Crystal Spring Water provides answers to questions that many clients ask when relying on our company for refreshing spring water. Do you have more questions about the services that we provide? Call Crystal Spring Water today at (740) 373-0515, 1-800-679-7798, or message us online.

Q: What kind of water coolers do you have available?

A: We have room temperature/cold water coolers, hot/cold water coolers, bottom-load coolers, and point-of-use water coolers.

Q: Do you offer water cooler rentals? What is your minimum contract length?

A: Yes! Crystal Spring Water has all types of water coolers available to rent. We do not require a contract for rentals, but we do require that you rent our coolers for at least one month. After that, you pay your rental fee monthly, or simply call and request that we pick up your cooler. This makes our coolers perfect for conventions and events, as well as office and home environments.

Q: What size bottles are available?

A: Crystal Spring Water can provide our outstanding spring water in three-gallon bottles as well as larger, five-gallon sizes. Select the best size to fit your home or business needs.

Q: Do you have cups?

A: Yes. We sell cups by the sleeve or by the case in 5 oz. flat-bottom or cone-shaped designs. We even carry cupholders that attach to the side of our water coolers for convenient use. Our cups and cupholders are available for individuals renting our water coolers, as well as those who have purchased a cooler outright.