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Crystal Spring Water is Available in Three- and Five-Gallon Bottles

Whether you need water for your home, office, or industrial facility, Crystal Spring Water has the water you need to stay hydrated. Available in three- and five-gallon bottles, our water is fresh, clean, and locally-sourced. We pride ourselves on the outstanding quality and taste of our natural spring water. Our customers love the convenience of our home and office delivery services. Whether you stop by our location and just need one bottle, or you want a regularly-scheduled delivery, our team can help you have fresh spring water on-hand.

To schedule a regular or one-time delivery of refreshing bottled water to your home or business, or for quality water cooler rental and sales, contact Crystal Spring Water today: (740) 373-0515, or 1-800-679-7798.

Reverse Osmosis and Deionized Water Also Available

Crystal Spring Water sells reverse osmosis and deionized water in five-gallon bottles for use in water coolers. We offer scheduled delivery of both types of bottled water, as well as our pure and refreshing spring water.

Reverse Osmosis Water – Reverse osmosis is a water purification process using local city tap water. This process filters out contaminants and flushes them away leaving you with clean, delicious drinking water. We offer both osmosis water and spring water to satisfy every customer.

Deionized Water – Deionized water has all its minerals removed though special filtration to make the water as pure and neutral as possible. Deionized water is mostly used in hospital and lab settings. The purity of this water is perfect for lab tests, cooling systems, machinery, and more. It is not recommended for consumption, but it is great for use in sterile environments.

Water Cooler Rentals & Accessory Sales

Crystal Spring Water offers water cooler rentals, equipment, and sales for our customers in the Mid-Ohio Valley area. We carry a variety of supplies, so there is something for every need:

  • Water Cooler Rentals & Sales 
  • Three Gallon Bottles 
  • Five Gallon Bottles
  • Bottle Covers – Available in Colors & Seasonal Designs 
  • Bottom-Load Coolers 
  • Cups
  • Sleeves
  • Cup Holders
  • Lids

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